Our Testimonials

Here at Cobham Dental we take pride in recieving patient feedback. Below are a selection of testimonials we have recieved from our patients:

I was delighted to learn that Claire Morrice is starting a new dental practice in her own right. Claire is an extremely competent dental surgeon, who treats her clients in a considerate, caring and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending her to future clients seeking first class treatment in a friendly and efficient practice.

Mr H - Claygate

My fear of dentists and a dread of the needle was completely overcome when I first became a patient of Claire’s some 20 years ago. Not only is she an outstanding dentist with exceptional skills and expertise, but she also has a wonderful understanding and empathy with her patients. Visiting the dentist has been transformed to a pleasure with the knowledge that I will get the best possible treatment in a friendly and relaxing clinic. As you can tell I would highly recommend Claire.

Mrs W - Leatherhead

I have been a patient of Claire’s for 20+ years. She is a kind, gentle & caring person. I highly recommend her especially if you’re a nervous patient (I’m not fortunately).

Mrs H - Kingswood

We’ve been patients of Claire Morrice for over 25 years. She is an outstanding dentist; she is kind and friendly and really cares for her patients. We would highly recommend her.

Mr & Mrs Carmichael - East Horsley

Hear what our respected dental collegues have to say:

Claire Morrice was my trusted associate and colleague for about 18 years. I believe her to be one of the most competent and professional general dentists that I have ever met. She has the rare ability to rapidly develop an excellent rapport with her patients which reduces the stress levels associated with the various procedures and treatments to a negligible level.

With her caring and capable approach you will certainly be in safe hands.

Dr Louise Stillwell-Stage BDS LDS
General Dentist (Retired Principal of Horsley Dental)

I have known the Dental Surgeon, Dr Claire Morrice as a colleague and a referring practitioner for the past 14 years. She has been referring her patients to me for specialist endodontic treatment during that time. Her patients, as I do, hold her in high regard for the caring and professional way she adopts in taking care of them and providing a very high standard of dental care. She demonstrates an excellent level of clinical expertise in all aspects of general dentistry.

I am always happy to recommend her to patients who are looking for a dental practitioner. I have no hesitation in confirming her good character and high standard of professionalism in the field of dentistry

Dr Murray Saunders BDS MGDS RCS MSc
Specialist in Endodontics